You are pretty slap-dash when it comes to organisation and details? You have a growing pile of letters on your desk? The bills are mounting up? You know that you must do something about it but you can’t face it!


1. Replying to official letters in French

  • Sorting your letters, analysing the contents, writing appropriate replies and sending to the correct address.
  • Management of your e-mail

A.SAP can write on your behalf to those many officials who bedevil your life here in France. I can reorganise your email so that it makes sense. As your Personal Assistant I can relieve you of the task, working according to your instructions. Your privacy is, of course, of the utmost importance to me.


2. Sorting, organising and storing your papers

You can never find the last tax demand? You’re sure you put it somewhere, but you can’t remember where!

You are obliged to keep some documents for several years so they need storing in a way which will enable you to find them easily. The aim of your Private Secretary is to enable you to find what you need quickly and to keep only what is necessary. Nothing superfluous!


3. Personal secretary

You want to organise moving house but the multitude of things to do makes you throw up your hands in horror just thinking about it! You feel overwhelmed.

Organising any kind of event takes time. You need contacts. You need to think of all the possible options, to predict, to coordinate, to manage several things at once. And it all needs to be done within a certain timescale and budget. It might be moving house, building work, a birthday, a funeral, a marriage, a party or a personal project. You want it to be a success.

A.SAP is there to organise, to help make your life easier, through the happy times and the sad ones. Ghislaine is a truly professional organiser.


4. Financial management

Your health insurance claim forms haven’t been sent off, so the reimbursements haven’t been made and your bank account is looking decidedly sick? You want to change your bank or your insurance but it all seems too complicated?

  • Financial planning.
  • Management of your health care and medicine reimbursements.
  • Preparation of outstanding bills for payment.
  • Checking bank statements.

A.SAP is there to help you find your feet again, to plan your spending, chase-up your reimbursements, and settle your bills on time so you aren’t penalised for late payment!


5. Help with French administration and formalities

You have just moved house but you haven’t told the tax authorities and other organisations? You’ve lost your passport but you don’t have the time to run around the houses collecting the necessary documents to renew it. You want to retire but you haven’t assembled the necessary papers?

  • Change of professional or personal circumstances: help with notifying the various authorities (town hall, Préfecture [local government offices], URSAAF [social security], CPAM [state health insurance], CAF [family allowances], tax, pensions) and with finding the relevant papers.

A.SAP will go to the Préfecture or the town hall to collect all the necessary forms and prepare a list of supporting documents you will need. Delegate everything to your Personal Assistant!

  • Assistance with finding a nanny or home help: advertising, help with shortlisting, interviewing, and the formalities involved in becoming an employer for the first time.

A.SAP can place an advert, select candidates and fill in the forms (which must be done in less than a week) once the nanny or home help starts. Make recruitment easier with professional help.

6. Organisation of your timetable, meetings, leisure, holidays, travel

Organising is not one of your strengths? You would like to move houses but you don’t want to waste your free time visiting unsuitable properties? Your daughter would like to ride horses, or your son to play the drums?

  • Finding holiday houses to rent, and reservation.
  • Travel organisation, reservation of trains, planes and boats.
  • Finding suitable houses or apartments.
  • Finding and signing-up for leisure activities.
  • Finding retirement homes, medical specialists, nursing care.

If you are looking for an authentic French village house, A.SAP would be happy to visit estate agents and search private ads for suitable properties. Your Personal Assistant can arrange an appointment with a good rheumatologist, find you a hypnotist to help you stop smoking, or winkle out a holiday camp for your youngest. Not forgetting sorting out your aging father who can no longer really cope with living alone.


7. Correction of your French and translation from English

You have difficulty in expressing your thoughts on paper, your French isn’t adequate, your grammar could be better?

  • Correction of CVs, reports, theses.
  • Translation of all kinds of documents from English into French.

Your Private Assistant will check your writing and correct it, rephrasing and advising you how to present your CV to increase your chances of showing off your skills and interesting potential employers. In addition, for those who are writing their thesis, A.SAP will pull out all the stops to help make your work irreproachable, at least as far as the presentation is concerned.


8. Documentary research, internet, genealogy

You need to do book research, or internet research? You are stuck with your family tree or you don’t know where to start?

Your Private Assistant can do your research, give you ideas, compile the data found, hunt out useful information on the internet.

Rates according to the scale of work, with quotations for specific options.


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