You leave your house empty when you travel for business or pleasure? You rent out a house but you don’t have the time to look after it? You would like someone you trust to take charge, deal with the post, air the rooms, let you know if there is a problem (water leak, electrical problem, etc.), water the plants and possibly even fill the fridge before you arrive or clean the house after you leave?


1. Maintenance

  • Collecting the post, sorting and informing you of anything important needing attention or forwarding.
  • Opening the windows to air the apartment or house.
  • Preparing beds for your arrival or return.
  • Turning on the heat.
  • Starting-up other systems.
  • Reading electricity and water meters.
  • Watering indoor plants and the garden.
  • Random visits to give the impression that the house is occupied.
  • Cleaning.

A.SAP will treat your house, pet and garden with loving care, coming regularly but at different times so that the house appears occupied all day.

2. Surveillance

You have to go away but you uneasy about it. The Corbières winds could well lift some tiles off your aging roof and the rain might flood in, causing extensive damage. A.SAP will check that all is well, that the shutters and doors are properly closed, that there are no leaks in the kitchen or the bathroom and send you reassuring photos by email.

  • Verification of the different openings of your property (shutters, gates, doors, French windows).
  • Verification of services (water, electricity, gas).
  • Verification of the condition of the property (interior and exterior) before your or your tenant’s arrival and departure.
  • Detailed report on the condition of the property (storm damage, faulty installations, insects, leaks, garden maintenance, urgent repairs…).
  • Random visits.

A.SAP can arrange for a qualified trustworthy professional to visit in case of emergency and contact your insurance to organise any work which might be necessary.

    3. Welcoming tenants

    You have a house to rent in Narbonne or Lagrasse but you don’t have the time to look after it or to greet your holiday tenants? Don’t worry. A.SAP will take charge of preparing your house for the visitors and fuss over them.

    Opening and shutting-up the property.

    • Airing and cleaning.
    • Watering the garden and indoor plants.
    • Cleaning the swimming pool.
    • Making beds.
    • Turning on apparatus.
    • Bringing out and storing garden furniture.
    • Greeting and saying goodbye to renters including provision of tourist information.
    • Distribution and collection of keys and checking for damage.
    • Cleaning of sinks, basins and toilets and dusting of floors etc.

    4. Household management

    You are elsewhere and doubt that you will be able to find a plumber in your absence to repair the leak in your bathroom? You are too ill to take your dog for a trim? You would love to have a romantic night out at the Vieux Puits, that marvellous Michelin-starred restaurant in Fontjoncouse to celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary. But what will you do with the children?

    A.SAP is there to relieve you of all these problems! We can monitor building work, cleaning after the workers (if necessary), take your dog to the vets and look after your children (3 years and upwards) at home while you are at the cinema or eating in your favourite restaurant.

    • Assistance in choosing professionals to repair and maintain your property.
    • Information on local facilities, emergency services, etc and help with French administration.
    • Baby-sitting (for children over 3 years old) at your home, and accompanying them for outside appointments etc.
    • Feeding and walking pets, taking them to the vets or for grooming.

    5. Shopping (in conjunction with another service)

    You don’t have time to go shopping or you can’t get out? A.SAP can fetch your things from the dry cleaners, the cobblers… and deliver the items you have ordered to your doorstep.

    • Supermarket.
    • Any shop you wish.
    • Organic products and farm shops.
    • Internet shopping.

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