Time is precious, especially when you want to spend it doing things you enjoy with people you love. So, don’t devote your weekends to filling in forms, filing and classifying or trying to solve domestic crises! And when you go away, stop imagining that everything will go wrong in your absence. Keep calm!

A.SAP will help you with French administration, writing correct French, looking after your house, buying essentials, and more… for your holiday house or main residence. Make A.SAP your Personal Assistant.
A.SAP can tackle a wide range of problems: dealing with French forms; taking your child for his judo lesson; walking and feeding your pet when you feel like a couple of days away; checking the security of your house and giving the impression that it is occupied; watering plants; checking for damage after a storm; shopping when you are too ill to go out.

A.SAP’s aim is to sort out all the niggling little problems of daily life, leaving you to relax. Simplify your life and make use of the time gained to fulfil your dreams… or simply to rest. Make A.SAP your Personal Home Assistant.
Before moving to the Aude, Ghislaine Demorat worked in human resource management and has considerable experience of dealing with difficult situations. Now she wants to use her skills to help you; because personal relationships have always been at the centre of her preoccupations...

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